Standing desks, are they worth it?

Standing desks seem to be all the rage lately and we wanted to check it out for ourselves! We recently purchased a Varidesk which converts your normal sitting desk to a standing desk whenever you want.  We thought the option of sitting and standing throughout the day would switch it up and release some of a normal aches and pains from sitting in front of the computer 8+ hours a day.

We have been using our sit/stand desk for 6 months and we can’t imagine going back to a normal sitting desk every again. They live up to the hype!  We have noticed a huge influx of productivity throughout the day when standing!  We highly suggest getting a standing mat for your feet as it will alleviate some lower back pains that can occur from standing on carpet with no padding (common in most office spaces).

To see the model we purchased for our office visit this link:

Happy Standing!