Why hire a professional web designer?

Welcome to 2016. By now you should know that your website is the digital face of your business. Whether you’re a small mom and pop, a corporate brand, or simply selling products you love to create in your spare time, everyone is looking to the internet to find your website.

Every business owner is faced with a few choices when shopping around for a website. Creating the website yourself, using a GoDaddy (or similar) “plug and play” template site that came with your hosting account, or hiring a web designer. Here are our top reasons why you should hire a professional web designer in the San Francisco Bay Area:

1. Saves you time. By hiring a professional designer you’ll seek the benefit of an online expert who understands successful and efficient ways to create an appealing website for your industry.

2. Will create a unique website. It’s 2016 and there are millions and millions of websites all over the internet.  How will you stand out of the crowd? What makes you different?  Sure those cookie cutter website templates will get you up and going but will they leave a lasting impression?

3. Can make your site more reachable. This day and age you only have a few seconds of someone landing on your website to either stay or run away. We call this the “screen and glean” effect. By hiring a professional designer they will take into consideration everything about your business and make the end users experience the best it can be.  Confirming to your potential customer/client that have have come to the right place.

4. Will help communicate your message. Web designers are experience in knowing how to communicate to the end user via visual design and apply call-to-actions in strategic places.  This leaves the guess work for you as a business owner on how to capture your audience to the fullest.

5. Make your website Search Engine friendly/compatible. One of the most important if not the most important factor of creating a website is the presence of your site on search engines.  A professional web designer or SEO specialist will know the correct steps on how to bring you higher on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

6. Making you have greater credibility. Having a professionally designed website will enable you business to complete with larger companies. A good web designer will find ways to convey your trustworthiness and will let visitors know that there is a real human on the other end. Web designers can also make you look like the expert in your field by suggesting resources, materials, news article, and other content that will make your business look more knowledgable amongst other companies.

Well there you have it folks. We could go on and on with important facts to lean you more towards hiring a professional designer but we don’t want to bore you.  Just know that at the end of the day… You get what you pay for.